The ‘Dab’ Or The ‘Ping’?

Old-fashioned reels are the subject for the Dorset Bard this month, as he extols his love of a certain model that’s been a regular in his armoury since 1989!

When I started out in match fishing, the rod and line ruled and if they were fl oat fishing, the majority of anglers would either ‘dab’ or ‘ping’ before they cast out! I know what you’re thinking… “What’s the idiot talking about this month?”

Well, unlike today there wasn’t a massive choice of reels available and I reckon in a competition around 90 per cent of the field would be using either a Frenchmanufactured Mitchell Match or one of the Swedish Abu closedfaced models, the 501, 503, 505, 506, 506M or the bigger 507. I’d go as far as to say that during the 1970s and 1980s everyone who match fished would have, at some point in time, owned one if not more of these reels! Continue reading


4 Useful Tips for New Boaters


drinklip_cup_clip_holder-810-500x505Cup holders are virtual necessities on today’s fishing boats, but there’s not always room on a boat’s horizontal surfaces to add recessed holders. An alternative is a folding cup holder that installs on a vertical surface. The West Marine folding cup holder (about $11) is made from corrosion-resistant plastic, occupies a 414-inch square, and is only % inch thick when closed. It holds cans, bottles or ther­mal mugs. I added a couple to the exterior of the transom bulkhead on my boat, where they handily unfold and hold a beverage while I fish off the stern. When the drink’s done, the holder easily folds away. – Jim Hendricks


Life jackets are items you want to access quickly in an emergency. Life-jacket storage bags that mount under a T-top or hardtop serve this purpose nicely. With just a pull of a zipper, the jackets become imme­diately accessible. Both the C.E. Smith Overhead Storage Bag (about $85) and the Kwik Tek PFD-T4 T-Bag (about $63) hold four Type II life jackets. The Kwik Tek PFD-T6 T-Bag (about $78) stows six Type II jackets. These easy-to-install bags feature breathable mesh panels to vent moisture and prevent mildew. Plus, there are pockets for stowing light items such as sunglasses and flashlights. – JH Continue reading